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Lorene White-Bliss@ 6:05pm 10-07-2014


Iowa, USA
Wonderful website, preserving the technicalities and history of a human treasure. Learned a lot, deepened my passion. Thanks!!
Daphne Sheridan Bass@ 2:41am 09-19-2014


Santa Monica
Dear Ms. Cor Kwant,
Several years ago, you advised me concering the transplanting of our gingko in our backyard. I followed your advice precisely, and our gingko has flourished thanks to your great help. Now; since we plan to move cross-country in the U.S. (from California to South Carolina), I would like to transport the ginkgo 3000 miles doing everything I can to protect it in the process and upon arrival. I realize that this is an ambitious project given the fact that the tree is approx. 8 years old, but I am extremely attached to the tree, which is the most beautiful gingko I have ever seen (I am biased). Please let me know your thoughts and, if it is possible, whether we should begin now to prune the roots as we would plan the transport in March or April before new growth. I have a photo of it which I would like to email to you, but I have not been able to find your email address to attach it.
Thank you very much.
Daphne Sheridan Bass
Marion von Zastrow@ 11:36pm 09-16-2014


Dear Madam,
what a wonderful and breathtaking (&hellip
Site you are offering to the world!
No words how to thank you - - !
I will forward all of these information
to my family and friends in Brazil and
South Africa.
j.j. Beintema@ 9:40pm 09-03-2014


Van: J.J. Beintema
Verzonden: dinsdag 29 juli 2014 21:05
Aan: Silla Schouwstra
Onderwerp: gingko

Gisteren dronk ik een glaasje bij Vlinders in het Noorderplantsoen, toen ik plotseling werd aangesproken door

Ineke, die mij vertelde dat ze erg goed pasten op mijn Gingko en dat die het erg goed deed.

Ineke en haar man Ron Jansen wonen aan de Morgensterlaan 374, waar wij tot 1990 woonden.

De Gingko was een cadeau van mijn vroegere “baas”/collega Prof.Dr. Max Gruber voor mijn activiteiten als voorzitter

van de organisatie commissie voor het 25-jarig bestaan in 1981 van het Biochemisch Laboratorium van de RuG.

Het was moeilijk om een plaatsje te vinden voor deze boom, omdat onze tuin al vol bomen stond (meest berken). Maar tussen

het tuinpad en de mandelige schutting met de buren konden we een plekje vinden. De Gingko is in 33 jaar voorspoedig

gegroeid, ook omdat de latere buren een boomloze tuin prefereerden. Als ik nu langs de Morgensterlaan fiets zie ik de

prachtig geproportioneerde takken van de gingko boven de ingang van het huis steken (vooral in de winter).

Zijn er veel meer Gingko’s in onze stad? Zie hieronder; als ik tel kom ik op ongeveer 100 gingko’s in stad.

Met vriendelijke groeten

J.J. Beintema; vandaag 2 foto's gestuurd
Carole Dahlem@ 11:04am 08-15-2014


Heemstede, Netherlands
Enjoyed meeting you and your husband - thank you for the info about Gingko trees. I am inspired! Do you have a recommendation for one that I can place in a pot and grown on our second story terrace ( first floor in the NL) What a wonderful collection of information - a testament to your passion for this special ancient tree. Thank you for sharing this with the world.
Ellen Fenwick@ 11:44pm 06-30-2014


State College, PA 16801
What a lovely and informative site. I owned a ginko once at a property that was subsequently sold. It was always a favorite, but I never knew whether it was male or female. Philadelphia, where I went to school has rows of the trees lining part of Broad Street.
Lilly Oettle@ 3:27pm 05-01-2014


South Africa
Wonderful article. Thank you.
kim r. baller@ 5:43am 04-26-2014


portland, oregon USA
Got a little carried away last Fall. Collected many gingko seeds from three different trees in Portland. A newer street tree near the freeway planted by the city, a large tree in front of the Buddhist Temple, and from the largest tree I've seen in the city, over 100 years old. Stratified them in sand (thanks for the advice) in the refrigerator over the winter, taking them out for a couple of days 3 or 4 times. I only plant seeds when a root pokes out as sometimes they just sort of swell up but don't really germinate. I have about 100, 4 inch pots planted and will probably have another 75 before they're done germinating. I generally plant them into 1 gallon pots in Fall and give them away at farmers markets the next year. But this year I might give some away in the 4 inch pots as I have so many! Thanks very much for keeping this excellent website going. It's at the top for me.
Dawn Jamison@ 2:19am 04-19-2014


Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA
I am following your directions using seeds I collected last November. I've wintered them over and took them out of the fridge today and will finish up with your sprouting instructions. We have a very warm climate here so I hope I can keep them cool enough to continue to sprout and grow throughout the summer. Thank you so much for all the wonderful information. It was very helpful. This is the first time I've tried to grow Ginkgo trees but have always loved the their beauty. I've gardened all my life using skills my mom taught me as a child and built my knowledge through self teaching, books and the internet also. I love planting new things and watching them grow into beautiful plants. I wish only the best for you and keep up the wonderful research and work!
Robert Harvey@ 11:23pm 04-01-2014


Virginia Beach, VA
I'm raising seedlings to be used around the yard and also for bonsai trees. I've had alife-long interest in fossils and what a kick to have one growing in my yard!
ANS DOP-REUDINK@ 10:13am 03-21-2014


woerden - nederland
Wat goed om het gedicht van Goethe in de oorspronkelijke taal en handschrift te lezen. Veel dank ervoor.
Klaus Stiebeling@ 1:30pm 03-12-2014


Wuppertal / Germany
Hi, Cor Kwant,

I am a collector of what I call \"Ginkgonalia\" i.e. all things (antiques, art, daily necessaries.....) and since 2010 I have my collection shown in a small room in a nearby shop of old books. Open for everybody and no entrance fee.

Why don\'t you visit me in Wuppertal and we go there together.

Greetings from Klaus.
terry v. white@ 4:49am 02-23-2014


duluth, ga. usa
Have been growing ginkos from seeds for the past 3-4 years. Have about 250 at the present. Some are bonsia and others in larger containers. Have about 3500 seeds to try and germinate this spring. It will be a large task but hoping for at least a 70% germination. Would like to send photos of my project but having problems. Really enjoy this site. thanks
Pete Wells@ 10:55am 01-23-2014


great website, just acquired some Ginkgo seeds, so will be following your instructions. usually grow oaks so it will be interesting to compare growing systems.
Jan den Otter@ 10:21pm 12-26-2013


NL- Breda
Had a nice first Christmas day. We went by bike (esier parking) to the Chassé theatre for Mrs.Ellen ten Damme in CIRQUE STILETTO. On our way we passed 5 Ginkgo trees which I thought they were all males. But saw fruits on one tree. So four males and a feemale.
After the show we went home and in the evening I went back with a small bucket to 'harvest' Ginkgo seeds.
Result, 3.050 Kg raw fruit which gave me 384 seeds, so 126 seeds per Kg raw fruit.
They are clean and ready to go in the fridge for an artificial winter.

A better Christmas present was impossible.

Jan den Otter."

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